This Is How To Burn Off All Those Thanksgiving Calories

It is not a secret that Americans overeat on Thanksgiving. We typically consume more calories during this one meal than we ingest in an entire regular day. According to the Calorie Control Center, Americans eat anywhere from 3,000 to 4,500 calories at this annual feast. That's equivalent to about seven Big Macs. It would take more than 20 hours of bowling to burn all of that off. Or, if bowling isn't your game, you could spend nearly eight hours shooting hoops (maybe instead of playing "Horse," you'd play "Turkey" for festivity's sake) before you broke even.

Of course, you can't out-exercise an unhealthy diet, and we don't recommend spending time post-Thanksgiving un-doing your delicious meal. We say, enjoy the day, the food and the company -- and then get back to your normal routine. If you're curious how other activities match up to your Thanksgiving plate, check out the infographic below, courtesy of CoachUp.

Enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday with Family and Friends and stay in touch with me


Thanksgiving Day Deals Trump Black Friday This Year

NEW YORK (AP) — Thanksgiving could be the best day to shop all year.


An analysis of sales data and store circulars by two research firms contradicts conventional wisdom that Black Friday is when shoppers can get the most and biggest sales of the year.


Turns out, shoppers will find more discounted items in stores that are open on Thanksgiving. For example, there are a total of 86 laptops and tablets deeply discounted as door buster deals at Best Buy, Wal-Mart and others on the holiday compared with just nine on Black Friday, according to an analysis of promotions for The Associated Press by researcher Market Track.


And on the Web, discounts will be deeper on the holiday. Online prices on Thanksgiving are expected to be about 24 percent cheaper compared with 23 percent on Black Friday and 20 percent on Cyber Monday, according to Adobe, which tracks data on 4,500 retail web sites.


The data is the latest proof that retailers are slowly redefining the Black Friday tradition. It's been the biggest shopping day of the year for decades, mostly because it's traditionally when retailers pull out their best sales events. But in the last few years, retailers like the Gap, Target and Toys R Us have started opening their stores and offering holiday discounts on Thanksgiving to better compete with online rivals.


"I was surprised, but it really shifted one day," said Tamara Gaffney, principal analyst at Adobe, which is based in San Jose, California.


Shoppers already are noticing the deals on Thanksgiving. Corey Grassell, 34, of Appleton, Wisconsin, said he plans to shop for deals on Thanksgiving and bypass Black Friday. That's after he grabbed bargains last year on the holiday, including a washer-dryer combination at Sears for about $800, a 50 percent discount.


"I feel guilty for going out on Thanksgiving, but the deals are so much more attractive to me than on Black Friday," he says.


But some industry watchers fear others won't shop on Thanksgiving, choosing to keep the day sacred. Those who wait instead to shop on Black Friday could wind up being disappointed with the leftover deals, they say. In fact, according to Deloitte Research's recent survey of shoppers, about two-thirds say they're not motivated to go out to stores Thanksgiving because it's important to be with family and friends.


"Shoppers could be disappointed and find that the hot items on their list are not in stock on Black Friday because of the early push by retailers," says Traci Gregorski, Market Track's vice president of marketing.


She says she's conducting a survey of shoppers after the holiday shopping weekend to see how retailers fared. "We want to get shoppers' perception of these deals," she says.


Most big retailers acknowledge that they're starting to offer deals on Thanksgiving that previously were reserved for Black Friday.


Jeff Haydock, a spokesman at Best Buy, the nation's largest consumer electronics chain, said the best deals become available Thanksgiving when its doors open at 5 p.m. For example, one of Best Buy's Thanksgiving specials is a $899 55-inch LED Smart TV, the lowest price it has ever offered on a Samsung ultra-high definition TV of this size. That will be available on Friday —if supplies last.


"Naturally, more of the deals are being pulled into Thursday because our stores are open," says Haydock.


Brian Hanover, a spokesman at Sears, which is opening at 6 p.m. Thursday, also says Thanksgiving specials spill into Black Friday. But the quantities for the 1,000 door busters are limited. They include Nordic Track treadmills for $699.99, or an $800 discount, and a 36 percent savings on a Whirlpool laundry machine, regularly priced at $549.99.


"It probably behooves the customer to shop earlier on Thanksgiving," he says.


For its part, Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, says it's spreading out discounts online and in the store. But Gregorski, of Market Track's says its "evident" in Wal-Mart's circular that "the best deals are on Thanksgiving."


To be sure, for its two sales events on Thanksgiving, Wal-Mart devotes 36 pages of its circular to discounted TVs, computers and other items. On Black Friday? Wal-Mart has four pages of deals.

Here is how to get $300 for Black Friday or Cyber Monday

Nestlé’s New Exercise in a Bottle


Nestlé’s New Exercise in a Bottle

The Holy Grail may have arrived for people who want to lose weight. Nestle is busy working on a fat-burning solution that can be put into your food, and they believe it will mimic what doing exercise does for your body. What you don’t get is all sweaty and having to do all that hard work, running and going to the gym to lose weight.


The team working on this miraculous product are working out of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and have seen promising results. The new compound has been named C13 and is believed to be able to be put into food which will then motivate your body’s enzymes that tell your body how much sugar and fat to burn.



Nestle believe that if they can just tweak it a little, they will get the result they are looking for. A generation of new drinks and food where you can get fit from the food rather than from going to the gym for a good workout, or taking that brisk walk. The body contains enzymes that tell it how much sugar to burn, and how much fat to burn; depending on what you are doing. What Nestle is trying to do is control that enzyme so it releases more or the desired amount to stimulate weight loss without having to do any exercise. One of the reasons they are doing this is Nestle believe it will help the people that can’t do enough exercise for other health reasons. If you needed to jog for 20 minutes or cycle for 40 minutes, instead you could take this new innovation and just do a short brisk walk which will make your metabolism work harder.


Nestle have said their goal is for all their products to contain this enzyme as a food additive. Nestlé’s products include cereals, muesli bars, and drinks. Some of these aren’t so health as they have lots of far and sugar, but Nestle is going to put the enzyme in all their products if they are successful in getting it to work the way they want it too. Nestle is going to keep researching and doing it on their own instead of calling in pharmaceutical companies. This would be a massive breakthrough in weight loss for people around the world.


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Homeless Man Wants More Than Food on Thanksgiving, He Wants a Family – and Places an Ad

A deluge of love and compassion has reached a 54-year-old homeless man who had the courage to put into action the Christian tenet, “Ask, and it is given.”

Neil Shytles posted an ad on the Facebook pages of local television stations around his hometown of Virginia Beach asking for someone to invite him for Thanksgiving dinner.

I was very alone last Thanksgiving and really would not like to go throughout that this Thanksgiving… PLEASE, if you have room in your home and in your heart to share your Thanksgiving, I not only (would) be thankful, but would also consider myself blessed to spend this time with you.

Shytles has lived in the Norfolk, Virginia Union Mission shelter for a year. He pays a small amount of rent from his monthly social security check, according to WTKR-News Channel 3, who interviewed him on Tuesday about the ad.

Even before Channel 3 aired the full report Tuesday evening, he began receiving offers from viewers volunteering to adopt him for the day.


The very first call he got came from a young military family, The Maclemores from Newport News, 30 miles away. They offered to pick him up, and said that another military couple with children would also be coming, fulfilling his wish for a “family atmosphere” at the table.


“The girl is a sweetheart,” he said of Mrs. Maclemore, who called the mission and spoke with Neil Tuesday morning. “I’ve been so blessed. I love the people here at the Christian mission, but I just wanted a home to go to.”

Both the mission and the television station were flooded with calls following the story that aired later that day.

Invitations Flooded In

“I’d like to donate a turkey and corn and potatoes to whoever takes him in, wrote Tanner Doerr‎ on WTKR’s Facebook page.

Shay Shannon Blankenship‎ from Chesterfield, VA, wrote, “For the wonderful man that wants family for the holidays: I’m in Chesterfield, and I’m willing to pick him up on Wednesday and he can hang out for thanksgiving with my family for a day or two. And then I will return him to where he stays. How do I reach him?”

“I want to send him a Christmas package,” commented Joe Walls‎.

A television station in Ohio said they would send a care package, and had set up a fund for him that people were already donating to.

Neil is trying to take it all in stride, but told the Good News Network, “I cried all day yesterday. I’m a big guy, but then the reporters were reading all the letters to me that they’d gotten.”

“Sometimes you don’t see the hearts of people until something like this happens,” he said after a long pause. “People do have big hearts.”


In a sense Neil has become the new face of homelessness for the many thousands of people around the country who have seen his story. He received a lot of offers from Wisconsin. A man in Sioux Falls, South Dakota offered to fly in Neil for the holiday and a family in Arkansas who owns a trucking company even offered to have their truckers pick him up and bring him back again. But, Neil, who has not traveled outside of his state except to DC, said he was already committed to the Maclemores. “Maybe Christmas!” they responded.

Neil hopes he can get some of the other guys from the mission placed with a family. “I know they are responsible.”

“Last night, Paul, who works here but is also homeless, said, ‘Oh my gosh, that is such a good idea. I wish I would have thought of it.'”

Perhaps Neil’s story has planted seeds for the future, like when Kimberly Kelly posted at WTKR, “I’m starting a program called Home for the Holiday in the Charlottesville area to help others get adopted! I would love this program to spread.”

As often happens when stories of homeless people go nation, two of Neil’s relatives contacted him.

“My cousin saw it in south carolina, and they got kinda mad because I never told them my situation. they saw it and said, ‘Why didn’t you tell us about what was going on?’ It was really important to me that someone who is actually family, showed me they cared. They were really upset. They asked me if I needed anything.”

“I texted my best friend who lives in Detroit, telling him about the media reports. He said, ‘See, people do want to help. All you have to do is ask.'”

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Trans Fat Linked to Worse Memory


Trans Fat Linked to Worse Memory

CHICAGO — In yet another reason to avoid trans fats, researchers are reporting that high trans fat intake is associated with deficits in word memory among working-age men.

Researchers found that each gram of dietary trans fatty acids intake per day was associated with an estimated 0.76 fewer words recalled, or 11 fewer words with the highest intake vs none from a mean of 86 words.

Previous studies have already shown adverse effects associated with trans fat consumption, including higher rates of cardiovascular disease and obesity, and these same researchers have also linked trans fat consumption to aggressive behavior.

"Our findings also support an association between higher trans fat consumption and worse memory performance in young adults, that is, those under age 45 who are in key career-building years," said senior author Beatrice A. Golomb, MD, PhD, professor of medicine at the University of California San Diego (UCSD).

Despite regulatory moves to limit trans fat intakes, the authors noted, these findings "remain relevant because US regulations do not extend worldwide, and presumed dTFA [dietary trans fatty acids] mechanisms have relevance to other exposures."

The results were presented here at the American Heart Association (AHA) 2014 Scientific Sessions by study lead author Alexis K. Bui, MS, also at UCSD.

Alexis Bui (left) and Dr Beatrice Golomb (right. Photo courtesy of Janis Ritchie

Trans Fats Bad, Chocolate Good

Dietary trans fats are found in such foods as packaged baked goods, some shortenings and margarines, and fast food.

Dietary industrial trans fatty acids have pro-oxidant and cell energy harms, the authors point out. Conversely, foods with antioxidant and cell energy benefits have been favorably linked to word memory in younger adults, before major age-induced variance, they write. For example, a recent report from this group showed that chocolate consumption was associated with better word memory in this same study population (Circulation. 2012;126:A16156).

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